About the Author

  Winner of the 2012 USTA Virginia Teaching Professional of the Year Award, the 2013 PTR Mid-Atlantic Teaching Professional of the Year Award, & most recently the 2014 Virginia State PTR Member of the Year Award, Daniel McCain is a writer, speaker & tennis coach.  

  An NCAA Division 1 college coach for 7 years, he also served as the Director of the Higueras-Gorin Tennis Academy in California.  He later was hired as the Manager of Player Development for the USTA, where he worked with other USTA Coaches, USTA Sport Science researchers, & the USTA Coaches Commission.  At the USTA, McCain also worked with local & personal coaches, elite 9 to 13 year old juniors & their parents, & produced articles & videos on technique, mental fitness, & tactics.  He has presented at USTA Training Centers, USTA Coaches Workshops, & USPTA Coaches Conventions. He also hosted the USTA Player Development Talk Radio show & recently held a Webinar for Tennis Works.  Most recently he became a PTR Clinician in Junior Development, teaching & certifying other coaches.

  As a junior player he won gold & silver balls, winning the Boy's 18's USTA National Indoor Championship title after a runner up finish at the National Claycourts.  He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Journalism & Psychology, & achieved an NCAA ranking of #36 while playing for the Wolverines.  He competed in Satellites, Futures, & Challengers in brief stints before & after college, recording career wins over James Blake, Taylor Dent, David Martin (ATP top 50), Robert Kendrick (ATP Top 100), Jeff Morrison (ATP Top 100), Shuon Madden (NCAA All-American Champ), & K.J. Hippensteel (NCAA All-American Champ).

  He later attended a graduate program in the art department at Illinois State University, obtaining his degree in graphic design & photography.  He later studied in a master level certification program at the American Board of Sport Psychology, which included reseach on peak performance & what he playfully called "the makeup of the clutch gene."  McCain was married in 2011 to his wife Jenna.


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-   PTR Tester  

-   PTR Professional in Performance, Adult Development, & Junior Development  

-   USTA Certified High Performance Coach  

-   USTA Sports Science Level 1 Coach  

-   ITPA Tennis Performance Trainer

-   Graduate of the ITF Junior Tennis School  

-   GPTCA ATP Certified Coach

-   Certified in Technique from Vic Braden's Tennis College



Coaching Philosophy

Like anything, being organized & having clear, tangible goals can contribute to success. 

Within each of these areas of focus, identifying key components can facilitate athletic & personal evolution.

mental fitness

Coaching the person 1st & the player 2nd. Building relationships & tennis games.


Movement, balance & momentum are seen here as vital in building the fundamentals of stroke production & execution.


Smart players are developed here through awareness.  Close attention is paid to conditions, styles of play, choices, & identifying opponent's weaknesses.


Here plyometrics, functional strength & endurance training, & customized plans are connected to each player's regimen.


From Players, Coaches, Colleagues, & Parents


“From working with Dan it was clear that he has a great understanding of top level tennis. He also has the ability to teach it in such a way that translates to all levels of players."

- Izak Van Der Merwe, former top ranked NCAA player for Old Dominion, ATP player, has been ranked in the ATP top 100 in the world


"I am a former USTA National Coach, and I have also coached many professional players to the highest levels in the world on both the WTA and ATP Tour. I am also the founder and owner of 360 Tennis. Both Dan and I were lucky enough to connect and begin working together.  We trained a number of high performance players together in Northern California, providing on court training, fitness, video analysis, goal setting, and parent education for our clientele.  He is one of the finest coaches I've worked with and a genuine leader."

- Lee Hurst, ATP & WTA Tour Coach, Former USTA National Coach, USPTA P1, Owner of 360 Tennis


“Coach McCain is an articulate, clear and intelligent coach.  His ability to observe and offer distinctions provides new insights to others.  I personally have learned and benefited from his generous sharing of his experiences, resources and mentoring. The NCAA D1 needs more coaches like Dan"  

- Ahn-Dao Nguyen, Former Head Women's Tennis Coach & current Director of Operations at San Jose State University, San Jose, CA


"Now that we both have our own sports-related companies/projects, I am really looking forward to working with Dan again to help young athletes become the best they can! Fact is, that is what Dan does best!  He has impeccable qualities as as a tennis player and maybe even more so as a highly rated tennis coach/mentor.  My own company is looking forward to working together with Daniel in the future again, as his professionalism, work-ethic and drive will help him and also us become better at servicing our clients.  Daniel showed that he would make a major impact in the tennis industry, as his resume clearly shows. " 

- Nadim Naser, owner & founder, Wam Sports, former Division 1 College tennis player


"As a player I learned a lot from him. Daniel is a great person on and off the courts.  Daniel is always very professional, cordial, and highly organized.  I am now the Head men's and women's Tennis Coach at Adrian College. As I look back I realize that Daniel taught me a lot as a player but also a lot as an individual.  I truly recommend Daniel McCain!"

- Emilie Sechaud, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach, Adrian College

"Dan McCain has given my son what we all wish for our children - great optimism and self-determination that extends well beyond his tennis game and into his sense of himself as an individual.  This isn't just a fortunate by-product of Dan's excellent coaching on the court.  It is an intentional style of mentoring the whole player that results from Dan's thoughtful and intelligent approach to his life's work. My son came to Dan with a passion for tennis - the drop shot, in particular! - and a developing game that was disorganized and needed technical help. In a little over a year, Dan has been able to shape him into a player with solid technical ability and an understanding of his own game style and how to make it work for him.  Clearly a scholar with regard to every aspect of the game, it is Dan's ability and desire to develop players in a way that respects each one as a remarkable and worthy person that makes him a world-class coach."  
- Charlene Loope (in 2013), mother of Alex Loope, who reached in 2013 a career high #25 USTA MAS ranking in Boy's 14's. 
"The training our son has received from Dan McCain has made him feel more confident, not only on the court but outside as well.  Dan has taught him to think and analyze his game from a positive point of view and learn from each experience, most importantly to self coach himself during a match, without getting frustrated.  The passion our son has for tennis has increased while training with Dan, because he makes the sessions fun, humorous and at the same time intellectually challenging.  Overall, Dan integrates the athletic skills of a player with the mental strength needed to succeed in and out of the tennis court."
Cristinia Murillo (in 2013), mother of Sebastian Murillo, who is one of the most promising young junior players in Virginia & beyond. 
Dan is an extremely talented coach and mentor and has elevated our daughter's technical, tactical and mental game immensely.  He has a true vested interest in developing his students to their fullest potential and always goes the extra mile to support them.
Nancy Hunt (in 2013), mother of Darby Hunt, who reached a USTA MAS ranking of #14 in the Girl's 10 & under in 2013.

"I have known Dan and the McCain method for the better part of a decade. The ideas he has utilized has directly impacted my students and will continue to for many years particularlly the mental aspects used to gain the best possible results out of players."

- Austin Hayden, USPTA Pro


"Danny was able to improve my game in many aspects. He set goals for me that I developed over time and that helped my game reach new levels. I look forward to working with him again."

- Tyler Mercier, 2010-11 Guilford College Student-Athlete, #1 Singles & Doubles Player


"In my last two years as Captain of the college tennis team at Illinois State University, I attribute my strong record to the efforts Dan made on a daily basis, both tactically and technically.  Dan's background, playing at the highest level for University of Michigan tennis, benefited me during pressure situations in tight matches as he has been through the same himself."

- Laura Gravino, former Division 1 All Conference college player & Missouri Valley Conference Singles Champion for Illinois State University


"Danny was very encouraging and inspiring...He has the ability to break down the sport into simple terms and explain how to hide your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths. Everyone always wanted him on their court because of his knowledge and positive reinforcement, all delivered with a kind demeanor." 

- Elizabeth Bingier, former Division 1 All Conference college player & Missouri Valley Conference Singles Champion for Illinois State University


"As a Swedish student-athlete, my time in California at Cal State with coach McCain has been one of the most memorable ones. He made me grow as a person both on and off the court and helped me improve both technical and mental skills. I am confident that with his passion, commitment, and experience as a coach, as well as his good character, he will always succeed and “the sky is not the limit - go beyond that too” as he once told me."

- Sara Mijwel, former top ranked Swedish junior player & Division 1 college player


"In 2 months with Dan, my son Barrett's stroke technique improved 100%. Just as important, Dan addresses the mental side as well, and Barrett is constructing points at a level surprising for his age (9)."

- Beth Foster (in 2011), mother of 9 year old Advanced Quickstart tennis player Barrett Foster, Virginia Beach


"Dan coached my 3 children for a year and a half. During this time he completely transformed their games and playing style. He took them from being recreational players to sophisticated and skilled competitors. They had played for many years, and had numerous lessons before this. However, it was under his tutelage that they developed into real players. He has a knack for breaking down each element of the game and helping the player to analyze their stroke and game plan. He is a dedicated and talented coach."

- Molly Busacca, mother of students Isabella, Anthony, & Sofia, in Southern California. 


"Hands down coach Dan supplied my tennis players with the best possible technique, precision of play, and gamesmanship they could hope to get anywhere. His genius is in dissecting every shot and teaching total body balance and fluidity to ensure the perfect shot at the perfect time. He is responsible for the solid successful games my children enjoy today."

- Lisa Roche, mother of students Sullivan and Delaney Roche, Southern California. Delaney reached a top 5 ranking in Southern California.


“Daniel is a true professional, and is innovative and proactive. I noticed during his time as the lead in USTA NorCal Junior Tennis that he shows leadership in creating collaboration between interested parties. Dan also brought USTA NorCal Junior Tennis up to date in the use of social media, and opened up discussion of coaching philosophies to anyone who may want to discuss. I know that the videos he posted and commented on, were food for thought for me watching remotely. My impression is that Dan is highly adaptable and will work professionally in any setting to gain insight as to how best serve, then proceed to use best efforts and known best practices to do so.”

- Bill Patton, USPTA / PTR Tennis Professional, owner of the Patton School of Tennis, & Radio Host of "Infinite Tennis" on the URTennis Network.  


“Daniel is the coaches coach - This implies the unique ability to understand the game in three pieces. 1 - The technical aspects, working on the correct stroke with proper form and technique. 2 - The aspect of the game, how to play a point and invest in your strenghts while minimizing your weaknesses. 3 - How to win matches by imposing you game onto your opponent with either your "A" game or "B" game. Great coach and great person.  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”  

- Bob Cooke, Software company owner, business consultant, business exec & philanthropist


“Daniel McCain is an very good instructor. With his knowledge of the game and all the professional coaching he has received over the years makes him a person I would want to learn from.”  

- Craig Strauch, Tennis Coach & Dept Manager, State of Illinois