The I formation: A Journal on Tennis, Goals & Life


With notebook-like pages, tennis art & photo-sequences of the pros, this goal setting workbook for players & coaches guides the users to scout opponents & record progress & plateaus.

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2013 RELEASED BOOK Now Available 

With 1 unified concept, see tennis in a whole new way.


Images sequences, interviews & research unfold the b.i.o.m.e.c.hanics & methods of peak performance used by champions of the ATP World Tour.  Media, psychologists, household tennis names, grand slam champions & many more weigh in.

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Building A Champion


In this Amazon bestseller, the intricacies of playing and coaching tennis are revealed in simple terms to both the layman and the expert.  Tennis psychology & the science of success is examined as Coach McCain puts a microscope on how players become great. 

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Momentum on the ATP Tour, Volume 1


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Volume 1: Psychological Momentum

  Grand slam champions, household tennis names like Vic Braden, Tim Mayotte, legendary Stanford Coach Dick Gould, & more discuss what causes momentum shifts on the tennis court, & if it really exists. Past & present pros on the ATP World Tour, coaches, media, & psychologists debate this question, revealing unique perspectives on success in the pros.  Research on the ebbs and flow of performance on the tennis court show a web of viewpoints on performance, training, life on the tour, & what it takes to make it in the pros, but a silver lining begins to emerge & common themes of peak performance illuminate.

Momentum on the ATP Tour, Volume 2


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Volume 2: B.i.o.m.e.c.hanics on the ATP Tour

Image sequences & research from the USTA, ITF, & the ATP gives readers a visual array of how the pros control the momentum of their body weight & racquet heads to execute precise & powerful shots.  Graphic illustrations & mutliple exposure show the science behind the strokes on the ATP Tour.  Extracted from frames of video, the images reveal pros executing the same fundamental b.i.o.m.e.c.hanics, & how many of these simple movements can be achieved by all players.  


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